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8:2 Facilitate Rapid Scrolling While Reading

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8:2 Facilitate Rapid Scrolling While Reading

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Document Type: Guideline


Scrolling and Paging


Facilitate fast scrolling by highlighting major items.


Web pages will move quickly or slowly depending on how users elect to scroll. Some users click on the arrows at the ends of the scroll bar, which can be slow but does allow most information to be read during the scrolling process. Other users drag the scroll box, which tends to be much faster. When the scroll box is dragged, the information may move too fast on the screen for users to read prose text, but they can read major headings that are well-designed and clearly placed. Keep in mind that older users (70 and over) will scroll much more slowly than younger users (39 and younger).


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Good Example:

Bold, large text and an accompanying graphic are effectively used to draw the user's attention during fast scrolling.