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7:4 Provide Feedback on User's Location

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7:4 Provide Feedback on User's Location

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Provide feedback to let users know where they are in the Web site.


Feedback provides users with the information they need to understand where they are within the Web site, and for proceeding to the next activity. Examples of feedback include providing path and hierarchy information (i.e., 'breadcrumbs'), matching link text to the destination page's heading, and creating URLs that relate to the user's location on the site. Other forms of feedback include changing the color of a link that has been clicked (suggesting that destination has been visited), and using other visual cues to indicate the active portion of the screen.


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Good Example:

Color coding the pages and navigation menus provides effective feedback to the user about their location in the Web site.


The highlighted top tab and left navigation help users understand their current location in the Web site. 07_04_good_example2

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